Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Irregular 25mm vs. Italeri 1/72

My Irregular British cavalry has arrived and after the last order's disappointment, these ones are a lot more serviceable. They are true 25mm figures, and while slightly larger than the 1/72 plastics, the difference won't be that noticeable on the table top. Most of my plastics are around the 22-23mm mark anyway, and I already have some 25mm metal French cuirassiers that don't stand out too much from the rest of my collection. The main difference is that they are more chunky than the finer plastic sculpting. I'm planning to field both lead units together anyway, so it won't make that much difference.

Irregular Light Dragoon in tarelton vs. Italeri Light Dragoon

Italeri Light Dragoon vs. Irregular Dragoon

Irregular Light Dragoon horse vs. Italeri Light Dragoon horse

Irregular Heavy Dragoon horse vs. Italeri Light Dragoon horse


  1. Nice post, with good illustrations of the comparison. I am going to cite you in a post on my blog, to direct anyone looking for help on this topic.

  2. Thanks Chris! A lot of my traffic is already coming via the existing link on your blog.

  3. Hi
    A good addition these British in tarleton. The mine were made by conversion, some years ago


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