Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventures in milliput

Here's my first go at doing some conversions with Milliput. The Irregular heavy dragoons didn't come scuplted with any details on their bicornes, which I found disappointing. I've tried to replicate at least some of the features I'd have expected, like national cockades, chin straps, a plume for the officer, and the tassles at the front and rear of the hat. I'll see how they paint up and if they work I'll kit the rest of them out with coackades and chinstraps.

The photos of the officer didn't come out too well, so I didn't bother uploading them . I've since done the rest of the troopers, some with chinstraps as above and a couple with the chinstraps done up over the top of the bicorne. I've painted one up and it looks quite good in profile, but front on he looks like he's got a bad case of the mumps! I'll have to try to work out how to make them thinner without the putty falling to pieces. I'll have more pictures of the results soon.


  1. Hi
    It seems like a major surgery!
    Incidentally, I like your backgorund image. It is an art-work form the late Spanish artist Dionisio Alvarez Cueto, isn't

  2. Yes, it was fairly major and I'm still not sure it was worth it!

    I first saw Cueto's work on Napoleon Series and after googling him found his website Wonderful pictures!


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