Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Portuguese Artillery and Spanish Command

"Pronto!... Fogo!"

I am terrible at resisting the "ooh, shiny!" impulse, especially when it's for a unique set in my chosen scale and can add to my already existing collection. With that declaration made, let me introduce you to my new Portuguese artillery battery!

These are from the expanding range of metal Napoleonic figures offered by Hagen Miniatures. The figures are great, the gun very detailed, and there's quite a range of paraphernalia that comes with the set. In fact, I found that I could only use 4 of the 6 figures provided, otherwise the base would have been very crowded!

I've added my patent tuft of cotton wool to the portfire and blackened the muzzle to show that it's been in heavy use.


"Yo espio con mi ojo pequeño...."

This is the second of my recent Spanish command figures. He'll act as an infantry brigadier or cavalry divisional general. Again, he's from the Italeri French command set with a head modification using a Lancier Bleu head. He's had his epaulets removed and his collar built up with Milliput after decapitation of his original head took off more than I intended!


  1. What a splendid selection of works Sir.

  2. Wonderfull work!


  3. My French commanders have suffered the same fate. Love the Portuguese gunners! I've come to the same conclusion that Hagen will be the way to go - the Emhar are too static and these figures are gorgeous to look at! Out of interest, how did you find the ordering and shipping went?

  4. P.S. Great painting. I'm loving the beige on the white horse. A wash? Underpainting?


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