Thursday, December 8, 2016

Italian Infantry Redux

"Per l'Italia e Napoleone!"
It's been a while since I started my Italian project (4 years in fact!), so I felt it was high time to get it going again. Especially as my Italian collection consists mainly of guard infantry, painted for Aspern-Essling and Borodino; it is decidedly top-heavy!

After seeing how good the HaT Young Guard figures look with head mods, I decided to get a set myself and use them with the left-over figures from the HaT French Line Infantry in Greatcoats. To round them out and add some variation, I also used figures from a couple of other sets, namely HaT 1805 Infantry, HaT French Guard Chasseurs for some of the elite figures, and figures from Hat Light Infantry Carabiniers and Hat Light Infantry Command for the command stand of the 1st/3rd.

All figures have had head modifications (except for the officer of the 1st/3rd who has had an arm replaced instead!) using the wonderful heads from the otherwise useless Italeri French Infantry set, or metal conversion heads from Franznap and Lancier Bleu.

I realised I made a mistake with the metal work of these figures: Italian infantry should have silver buttons, chin-scales, epaulets etc. and I've painted these gold! I only realised once I was basing them, so I decided that it was a mistake I could live with (otherwise called being too lazy to be arsed fixing the problem!)

I'll probably paint up some more of my Neapolitans next, or else the Hagen metal figures I bought earlier in the year. I'll be on leave for a month soon, so I'm hoping to be able to get through the backlog of figures I've been planning on painting and just haven't found the time to get to. It's been such a busy year that I seem to have had less time for the important things like painting, blogging and gaming. I hope 2017 will be kinder!

2nd battalion 1st Line Regiment

2nd battalion 2nd Regiment

1/3rd Regiment

1/3rd command stand.
Colour party have head conversions, and officer has sword arm conversion.
The edge of the flag looks a lot worse in the photo than it does in real life, though I might end up touching it up with a felt tip pen.

All head conversions. Two outer figures HaT 8034, middle figure HaT 8146. Left hand figure has Franznap head.

Elites with head mods; Grenadier was HaT 8170, the voltiguers HaT 8146

Outer figures from HaT 8062. Middle figure HaT 8146

Outer figures HaT 8146. Middle figure HaT 8062 with Lancier Bleu head.

Grenadier and middle voltiguer both HaT 8170. Right voltiguer HaT 8146 with Lancier Bleu head.


  1. They do look rather splendid, Sir!

  2. Very nice, the command stand is impressive!

  3. It's a real success. It's a great job!

  4. An inspiration. It's exactly the feel I want for my Spanish militia!

  5. JR, slightly off topic but Italian in nature. I am put together some Italians and 2 units will be the 1st and 2nd Btn Dalmatian Regts. The Osprey book Napoleon's Balkan Troops has the Carabiniers have fur bonnets. Would you know if these have been the Austrian Grenadier cap.

    1. Hi Chas,
      As far as my research goes, all companies of the Dalmatian Regiment wore the Corsehut, or Corsican hat, until 1808 or so, after which they wore shakos. See
      Click the link titled Dalmates for images of the Dalmatian Regiment. Soory, all text in French.


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