Thursday, October 6, 2016

The "Ooooh, Shiny!" Complex Strikes Again!

The new Portuguese artillery set from Hagen Miniatures
Sometimes it's a curse keeping abreast of the latest developments in our hobby! If I wasn't a member of Benno's Forum or followed History in 1/72, then I would still be living in blissful ignorance of developments in areas where my collection has gaps, viz. the Portuguese artillery above.

I can justify to myself ordering a set of the Portuguese gunners as there is a glaring lack of figures for this important British ally in 1/72nd scale. What I can't really justify is the "oooh, shiny!" impulse buy of the new British infantry on offer from Hagen as shown below.

The tattered marching infantry are right up my alley. I love the assortment of headgear they are sporting; that's what I try to do with my head conversions, but these are ready-made with an assortment of shakos, forage caps and a bare head.

Tattered Tommy Atkinses.

The dynamic action poses of the light infantry figures just cry out to be painted! I love the light-bob officer resplendent in his hussar's pelisse, directing traffic with his light cavalry sabre. I'll probably mount them on 2" round bases as skirmishers

Dandy officer and light bob.

Skirmishing light bobs.
Now to resist temptation and keep away from the siren call of the Wellington in India collection!

(All images courtesy of Hagen Miniatures website.)


  1. Oh my.. very shiny indeed. That rifles officer and rifleman are perhaps some of the best figures I have ever seen in this scale.


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