Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hagen Spanish Cavalry

Images courtesy of Hagen Miniatures

Got myself some of these lovely figures from Hagen Miniatures (which were commissioned by none other than MS Foy of Promotheus in Aspic fame). I bought one pack of the command set and  two of the troopers. Like all metal figures shipped to the Antipodes from the other side of the world, once shipping costs were added, the costs caused a sharp intake of breath! However, as there aren't any other Spanish cavalry commercially available in my chosen scale, it's either time consuming conversions or pay up.

I feel my Spanish forces need a little stiffening in the cavalry department to make them a well rounded force. Not that it really matters as Spanish cavalry really are rubbish in our rules (although in my latest report to come, my Spanish cavalry punched well above their weight in an awesome display of derring do, so stay tuned, folks!)

Below is an image of Spanish Line Cavalry by the Spanish artist Dionisio Alvarez Cueto which I'll be using as a guide for these figures.


  1. I shall look forward to seeing you apply your splendid handiwork to these.

  2. Very nice figures by the look of 'em.

  3. I still haven't painted any of mine! - the one thing I'm a little nervous of is the reins - I had thoughts of soldering wire reins in place, but have decided that would be courageous to the point of stupidity - my latest plan is to fit black thread reins (after the paint, but before the varnish), stiffen them with superglue and then varnish. I'm VERY interested in your thoughts on these, and how you get on - you are a different class of painter from me, no question, so I am happy to go to school on this! I have enough figures for 3 line cavalry and 1 dragoon units - another slight concern I have is the prework required to get the riders to sit comfortably on the horses - no-one else seems to be worried about this, so I guess it's all right...

    Cheers - Tony

  4. They are quite splendid figures, even if the name Hagen makes me think longingly of ice cream. I am sure they will look splendid given your customary fine brushwork, and they have a lovely uniform. They may be crap troops, but lead them with aggression and daring - often, as you note, the warriors for the working day are the ones that earn the laurels.


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