Thursday, December 18, 2014

Württemberg Horse Artillery

This was my first entry in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and it earned me 23 points on the way to my modest target of 400 points. Curt generously awarded me 3 extra points for the head conversion of the gunner carrying the ammunition.

The figures are from HaT set 8232

PS. for a view of my last batrep "from the other side of the hill", as it were, Paul of the Duke of 1815 blog has put his version of events from a French point of view  on his blog. A pack of lies, bigad!


  1. Looking good there Johnny. I rather like the wisp of smoke.

  2. Very nicely done there Rosbif and my resolve to nappies is crumbling

  3. Excellent. They look hard at work.

  4. Fab stuff! Got Wurttemberg plastics myself...unpainted of course. What would the limbers have looked like?

    1. Thanks SRD(H)!

      I've had a quick squiz on the interwebs and found an image of a Wurttemberg caisson on a TMP thread: It's the 2nd last image in the thread. Hope that helps!

  5. That's a fine looking gun and crew. I really like the way you shade your uniforms - it always impresses me with your work. Sorry I missed this on the APCV site. I'll go cheer it there as well.
    I agree with CK, I like the smoke on the matchlock. Very classy.


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