Thursday, September 18, 2014

Man Flu Alert!

I'm dying!

I'm manfully trying to survive a terrible affliction, but in a family where I am the only one with the XY chromosome combination, I can tell you it's not easy!

Forget ebola, cancer or any of those other headline-grabbing disesases which the WHO, CDC, CSIRO and all those other alphabet soups are throwing money at. What about that real and present danger to mankind (and yes, I mean MAN-kind)? It's real; there's even a website for gorrsake!

The problem with having sick days is that it's wasted being sick! I don't have the ability to concentrate on painting and I'm only barely able to sit here typing. Shortly, I'll have exhausted myself and have to crawl back to bed and moan about how I'm dying to a cruel, heartless, indifferent world.

I have done a bit of painting over the last week, so with my last dying breath I'll upload some photos of my Württembergers. It may very well be the last you'll hear from me..... Koff, sniff, splutter...HAAA-Choooooooo!!


  1. I feel your pain, these women just don't understand!!!

  2. Hope your feeling better soon - chocolate biscuits in large doses I find helps , cheers Tony

  3. Württembergers are looking pretty good considering you are on your death bed!

  4. I have a ... theory ... about Man Flu. Time was, men used to do the scouting and foraging and hunting. for any number of good reasons, women were less involved in that sort of thing. Now, when you are hunting up food, much of which doesn't care to become food, and are pretty well equipped to prevent their becoming food, the bloke has to be in peak form. A dude sneezing at the wrong moment is apt to see his evening dinner disappearing into the long grass. A dude half blinded by streaming eyes is apt to miss the changing boar, and end up wondering why his insides have become outsides. A dude hacking his lungs out at an inopportune time is apt to find himself in the title role of a sabre-tooth tiger's lunch. A dude shivering uncontrollably with fever is apt to find his archery becoming a whole deal more random. "I shot an arrow in the air..."

    Therefore, by making bloketty persons feel like two ton of old fish heads has just landed upon them from a great height, nature made bally sure your tribal hunters, scouts and foragers took the hint to rest up for a day or two. At that I shouldn't wonder if more than one stricken fellow was send out into the wilds by importunate wimmingfolk, to be stomped into the primaeval ooze by a pissed off mastodon...

  5. I am presently being assaulted by a similar foe. Too sick to pick up the brush is no good and makes me feel even more melancholy. Nice work on the Wurttembergers too!

  6. Oh man, I feel your pain. It puts my multiple recent knee surgeries In perspective ;-)

    Feel better soon!

  7. Lots of rest and time at the painting table for you. Dr's orders!

  8. I wish you a good recovery.... Nice helmets, by the way!

  9. This new learning astounds me. I always knew that it was bad, but it's amazing to read that it is as painful as childbirth, only of much longer duration. Makes sense, now that I know it...
    Those Hat Württembergers are lovely figures and you've done a top job; as usual.

  10. Been there, done that. Many times! Hope you're on the mend. Nothing like a little Wurttemberger therapy.

  11. As a Dr (although not of medicine, a minor detail) I recommend setting up on the couch with DVDs of your favourite war movies on high rotation. Should the wimminfolk complain, you can tell them this is your only hope, and may prove to be the last wish of a dying man. In combination with neat scotch and chicken soup I find it works every time. Get well soon!


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