Monday, August 11, 2014

Zaragossa Regiment

I can't help myself! After plodding along trying to finish my British units, I suddenly went off on a Spanish tangent after spotting the new HaT Spanish infantry figures at Hearns' Hobbies. 

Did I need them?, not really. 

Did I want them? Hell, yeah!

They're very pretty figures and I have a soft spot for the uniforms. I have a theory that if I build a stonking big Spanish force I might be able to overwhelm a French force of an equal points value. Or at worst, I'll be able to provide a deceent amount of comic value as they all head for the hills en masse!

This lot I've painted up as the Zaragossa Regiment. Why? Why not, I say!


  1. Those Hat Spaniards are beaut and you have really done them justice with your excellent paint job Ben. I do hope that you got all four sets...!!!

  2. I like them!

    If we only painted what we needed, the figure industry would probably collapse!

  3. Excellent work, they are beautiful!!

  4. Great looking figures and colours. I also like their uniform - the big bicorne is really cool too.

  5. Priceless, always good to have some variety says I! ;)

  6. Excellent job on those figures - faces, flag and bases all go well and I love the dirty look you have got with their white uniforms.

  7. Great looking unit, the Spanish uniform is always a joy to paint.

  8. Love the attitude wot won the we need it? No...Will we have it anyway? Too right! Never enough figures!!! on to Paris, Berlin, Blackpool, etc.


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