Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peninsular Heavy Dragoons WIP

In an effort to bring my British Peninsular War cavalry collection up to scratch, I've embarked on an improvement drive starting with last post's lioght dragoons in tarletons.

This time we have heavy dragoons in bicornes. I already have a small unit of heavies in helmets, which are really only appropriate for the 100 days' campaign, or as dragoon guards in the Peninsula. This lot shown here are the real deal for the majority of the 1808-1814 Iberian theatre of war.

The horses and heads come from a swap I did with Kinch a while back, which included several sprues of the HaT British Heavy Dragoons. Again, only appropriate for the 100 Days, but, interestingly, also come with separate bicorne wearing heads. The HaT figures have the same wooden poses common to a lot of their early figures, and the long horse hair crests would have taken a lot of fiddly scraping away with a sharp knife, so I never really considered using the spare heads on those figures.

What I do have lots of, though, are truckloads of Esci and Italeri Scots Greys, also inherited from various swaps or as gifts over the years.

So, Esci/Italeri figures on HaT horses with HaT heads. Et vóila! Peninsula-ready British heavies! They'll need some paint conversion to add the regimental lace on the chest and cuffs, but aside from that, they're ready. They are purely for club games, and not a historical unit like le Marchant's Heavy Cavalry Brigade, so 6 figures is appropriate for a small attached heavy regiment for my British forces


  1. Nice conversions Ben. They will come up a treat, which is something that we'll enjoy in a future post, no doubt!

  2. Good to see that they were of use.

  3. A very clever conversion. You're a patient man - I hate head swops. Looking forward to seeing them done.

  4. Great conversions, now let's see some colour on them! ;)


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