Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Presenting...IV Corps!

Yes folks, after approximately 18 months and with one day to spare, IV Corps is finally finished and ready for action! (pauses for applause...)

Every unit is labelled and ready for the trip to Drouin tomorrow. Now the fun part: packing it all in the toolbox!

13th Div on the left, 14th Div on the right, reserve artillery and Guard in the centre, Corps artillery in the top right and Light cavalry division in the top left

Close up of 13th Div

Looking through the reserve artillery at 9e Ligne

I got the Italian 6 pounders and regimental guns finished last night and sent them through to Curt for display on his blog for the Painting Challenge, which, coupled with the French 12 pounders I sent through earlier in the week earned me 140 points to put me in 8th spot overall!

Now that the Borodino project is finished, I'm sure I'll slip down the rankings, while I recover from the fame and decide what to tackle next!

Post Script:

Packed and ready to go!

Artillery in the bottom, 14th Div in the left and 13th Div in the right, with Guard infantry divided between the two sides.

The scenery box becomes the cavalry transport and the top tray carries the infantry movement trays divided by division


  1. Glad to see your project come in as well!

  2. That is an awesome sight Sir! Much be a great feeling to have achieved so much!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Beautiful view on the table!

  4. Bravo Sir, what a sight to behold. Surely there can be nothing more splendid then seeing a Gentleman's collection laid out for inspection!

  5. Merveilleux. Good New Year to you - that is a very fine sight. I don't have any plastic figures, but I am an admirer - the bit that would worry me most is the transport arrangements! Most interesting to see the boxes in action.

  6. Heepers Jeepers Frogman, that looks like an awesome start of 2014, enjoy the battle!

  7. Happy New Year and good wargamig!
    Waiting to see the AAR and remember: Come back with your shield or on it! :-)

  8. Always great feeling to complete a project and especially to get gaming with figures. What rule set are they for ?

  9. A very impressive sight to behold thanks for sharing Johnny Frog, have a great year ahead

  10. Congrats, that is an impressive army! There is little better than seeing a big project through and then onto the gaming table. I hope your dice are red hot!

  11. Impressive work on this large project - and the packing is equally impressive - they all fit in the tool cases perfectly. Looking forward to seeing them all in action. Dean


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