Friday, July 12, 2013

Hey Rocky! More French Infantry! - Again?!

Sorry if this is getting boring folks! I've got about 10 more battalions to get through before the Borodino game in January, so expect more of the same for a while. Then French and Italian artillery and Italian and Bavarian cavalry...

This latest battalion uses more of HaT set 8095 and a couple of converted figures from HaT set 8167. The  officer and drummer are Kennington/SHQ metals, with the drummer sporting the wounded head by Lancier Bleu. The eagle bearer is from HaT set 8252 with a head from set 8095, just because I felt the original head didn't suit. I know he's got light infantry hussar-style leggings, but I reckon as the eagle bearer, he's allowed to cut a dash fashion-wise! The two outer figures in the rear row have had head replacements as well. Actually, the officer and the middle-rear figures are the only ones with their original heads!


  1. Some beautiful figures here, love the details!

  2. What elegant chaps these are! A triumph Sir.

  3. Very nice job indeed!
    I also like the details on their pants and jackets but don't tell me they've already lost their flag in a previous battle!! ;=D

  4. Another great unit there Rosbif and the one thing they are not is boring


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