Monday, February 25, 2013

Italian Horse Artillery WIP cont.

I managed to get some paint on the last two converted horse gunners, and they didn't turn out too bad, even thought I say so myself! Now to paint up some guns, and they'll be ready for varnishing and basing.

I had a game last Friday where I tested out the rocket rules in a great little scrap of a game. I forgot the camera, but Steve W. took some photos of the table top, so when I get hold of his photos I'll write up a more detailed AAR.


  1. Another lovely looking uniform, great work Sir.

  2. Incredible how a simple head swap can be so effective. Those Italeri sculpts still stand up well against any 28mm figs.Great work.

  3. More great work there Rosbif and I love the uniforms

  4. Great stuff Rosbif. I shall be pointing The son & heir at your blog if he ever gets cracking on Italians.

    von Peter himself


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