Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Yabbie Award Nomination!

Liebster...Lobster...Yabbie...geddit? Oh, just google it, willya?
It's an antipodean thing!
Thanks go to Conrad Kinch over at Joy and Forgetfulness for a 2nd Liebster Blog Award nomination! As he has so kindly taken the time to spruik my blog during his nomination post, the least I can do is to return the compliment.

Kinch writes one of the most consistently entertaining blogs on wargaming you could find. His gently tongue-in-cheek humour is a delight to read and some of the captions to the accompanying pictures make me laugh out loud. Mainly a 1/72nd collector and gamer, Kinch has a wealth of Napoleonic figures and battle reports in his wonderful blog, but I note with mixed feelings that he's begun to dabble in a little bit of modern gaming including WWII and '70s counter-factual-pulp-style scenarios. While I enjoy his writing on any subject, I especially enjoy his Napoleonic ramblings.

His entry on my blog nomination reads, and I quote: My " ...ancestors were transported to the Antipodes for stealing a pig and yet, despite dodging venomous beasts and the daily trips to something known as "The Thunderdome" (which I believe is a chain of local supermarkets) he manages to write a wonderful blog devoted to Napoleonic wargaming and painting. One wonders where he finds the time. "

  • Actually, my ancestors got upgraded to the orlop deck on their trip over because it turned out they stole a pig AND a loaf of bread. 
  • The trip to work isn't worth the ticket price unless your tram is attacked by homicidal mobs of kangaroos or the need to check under the seats for tiger snakes ("Snakes on a Tram", now there's an idea for a movie!), while doing laps at the swimming pool is facilitated by the sharks and crocodiles following in your wake. 
  • "The Thunderdome" has a day where 2 lucky shoppers are allowed to scour the shelves for discount bargains, but as the promotional catchphrase says "2 men enter; one man leaves!" I have personally participated in 3 of these events, each time leaving the store with a trolley full of bargains and my competitor's scalp, removed by a saw-toothed hunting knife.
  • To fill in the time when I'm not wrestling wombats or dodging dingoes, I like to paint little plastic men and play with them on a tabletop with other like-minded blokes. If you think that sounds funny, let me warn you the last person who laughed at my hobby ended up with a paintbrush sticking out of his eye. We shook hands, though, and drank a beer later. He's one of my best mates. The eye-patch suits him.


  1. That has certainly brightened my morning cup of Earl Grey - the most humorous acceptance speech yet - oh and very many congratulations!

  2. Congrats Rosbif. Have to agree with Michael too, great speech!!!

  3. Thanks. I sprayed coffee all over the computer screen . . . .

    1. work here is done, then.

      (walks slowly off into the sunset)



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