Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Royal Navy Gun Crew - Nearly There!

Here's the almost completed gun emplacement.

After Cadet13 suggested watching a clip from Hornblower I decided I would attempt to add ship's cables after all. I used kitchen twine looped and knotted to represent the block and tackle.

 Does it work? I'm still not sure. I'm happy with the rest of the base, though.

Here's the Hornblower clip. The relevant bit starts around the 2:19 mark. See what you think.

Is my version too 'scratchbuilt'? I'm thinking the loops look too loose, so maybe I'll glue them up? I may even try something else if the inspiration takes me.


  1. Hoi, I think the ropes are a bit too thick, but the idea is great and the rest of the dio is kick ass.

  2. Great work. I love it. Where did you get the cannon? I'm looking to get a couple of deck guns for myself.

    1. Thanks Derek. The figures and gun are from HaT's British seamen and marines set 8098.

  3. Brilliant little Diorama. Only thing I don't like too much (as mentioned before) is the rather thick ropes.

  4. Thanks all!

    I'm beginning to favour scrapping the ropes and starting again using finer string or even wire or brush bristles instead of the kitchen twine. I'll experiment a bit further and show you the results.

  5. Nicely animated diorama. Ropes are devilishly tricky things in 1/72nd scale.
    Maybe try soaking the rope in pva then fit and paint when pva has dried. I have absolutely no idea if that will work but its a good way to fritter and waste a couple of hours in an off-hand way...as the Floyd would say.

  6. New ropes or not its still an excellent diorama. Well done!


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