Sunday, July 29, 2012

Per Mare, Per Terram

Here's the completed Royal Marines battalion. I deliberately kept it small, as they wouldn't have been able to field a full infantry-sized battalion except in the most exceptional circumstances, such as a large fleet's entire complement of marines.

I might have to boost it by a couple of figures in the interests of a good game, because it wouldn't make much of a scenario if they copped too many casualties in their first combat, broke and ran. That hoary old chestnut of historical accuracy vs. playability!

I'm planning to rate them the same as British Light Infantry in our home-brew rules, ie. fairly tough-nuts to crack, but as there's so few they'll have their work cut out until support arrives.

I've got some secret plans to make the landing work if met by over-aggressive French players, but don't tell anyone!


  1. Be careful, I'm a french spy!
    Great work, the hat is really nice, and the mud effects impressive!

  2. But where is Hornblower? Wonderfully painted troops there and I agree great work on the mud

  3. I love them! You really are making this period hard to resist!

  4. Some great looking figures, full of character!

  5. Waiting to see the use of these brave men in the coasts of Spain!
    Best regards

  6. They will look great on the table. There are some really interesting 'characters' in the Hat 8098 set aren't they? The officer fits in really well too.

  7. This is going to be a fun game by the sounds of it, the mini's look trific really trific


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