Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guns, guns, guns!

After showing the horse gunner conversions as works-in-progress, I realised that I haven't posted pictures of the finished products! They got used in the Wagram battle and proved fairly useful, too! Unfortunately, the guns were a bit of a rush job to be ready for the game, and I haven't got around to fixing the detail on them yet.

Also included is two batteries of foot artillery using the wonderful Zvezda French artillery set, which also got to see action in the Wagram game. I decided to use the less usual poses from the set, namely the dynamic ramming figure and the pair using the handspikes and sighting the gun.


  1. Very nice Rosbif, Your figures are coming together fast!

  2. There's nothing quite like a well turned out artillery battery to make an advancing force think twice; yours, Sir, are very well turned out indeed.

  3. Wonderful Sir, simply wonderful. They are lovely conversion with a great paintjob. You should tell the secret of painting soft plastic to me.

  4. Nice painting on some very nicely sculpted and posed figures. The poses are better than most 28mm artillery figs. Best, Dean

  5. Great looking figures!


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