Monday, January 23, 2012

1 ° Reggimento Fanteria - Voltiggiore e comando

I had a painting spree yesterday and finished the voltiguers and command figures of the Italian 1st Line Regiment yesterday. The weather's heating up, so there won't be much more for the next couple of days; after a couple of seconds your brush is clogged up with gooey half-dried paint! Not very good for fine detail!

I think I've made a mistake in the metal colouring on the officers, and I think I should have trusted my instinct with the grenadiers' bearskin plates, too. It seems it should all be white metal, not yellow metal. I'll change at some stage soon, but for the moment, this is how they look.

The officer figures are wearing surtout, (although they have tails) which I don't have any information on how to paint, so I'm thinking of changing the paintwork freehand to make it look like they're wearing the usual habite-veste.


  1. Nice work mister. especially if the paint's drying up fast.

  2. Gorgeous as ever Sir. It is funny hearing you talk of the heat as chilly over in Blighty; that said we haven't had the snow that we did last year!

  3. Very nice, I love the patch on the figure kneeling!! Very well done Sir!!

  4. I like their moustaches!
    Well done as always

  5. Hello Johnny,
    beautiful figure.
    Congratulations for the correct name in the Italian language.


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