Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I received my Zvezda cuirassiers in the mail this week! They are the dog's whatsits as far as I'm concerned. I just wish that Zvezda did more, a la HaT, but they seem to concentrate on only the elites and only from the 1812 Russian campaign. A small gripe for a kit that is just about the most perfectly produced set ever! I've seen Zvezda kits described as 'wargaming porn' and I wouldn't dispute it.

To celebrate, I've posted a YouTube clip from the French film Le Colonel Chabert of the cuirassier charge at Eylau 1807. Epic stuff, even if not accurate; charging full pelt from the start leaves them completely unformed by the time they reach the Russian infantry. I also wish the poster had left the original soundtrack, not covered it with his music, even if it is very stirring.


  1. Zvezda and Caesar produce such wonderful figs - every bit of detail crisp and clear. Always a pleasure to paint.

  2. Hi
    My Cuirassiers are the old AIRFIX and some ESCI/ITALERI. Could you post a picture of the actual figures? They are not covered still in Plastic Soldierr Review.
    P.S. Don't worry. I am writng from another account

  3. Hi Rafa,

    I'll post some pictures tomorrow from work as we're still having technical difficulties on the Rosbif family PC. I think these are superior to the old Airfix and Esci/Italeri figures and even give metal figures a run for their money. As Zardoz says, they're so crisp and clear in the detail and so fine, not chunky at all.

  4. I have the "Polish Lancers" from Zvezda-they are fantastic looking figures. Look forward to seeing the Cuirassiers.


  5. Hi Matt,

    I have the lancers, too. They're great, aren't they? Once I've finished my British and allied forces, I plan to return to my French units again including these 2 great Zvezda products (Gee, they should pay me a commission for gushing so much!).


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