Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Campaign Coup

Here's the latest communication sent out from our imagi-nation of Friedland-Hamsburg to the other nations of our campaign world. The story so far for Friedland-Hamsburg is: Friedland took over Hamsburg early on, even though we had friendly relations with them, by making them an offer they couldn't refuse. Since then Hamsburg has been valiantly fighting the forces of our western neighbour Porteous. To our north, Hessen-Darmburg, who initially we had bad relations with, was mollified by a non-aggression pact.

All of that has changed with this new communication. I've taken over the rule of Friedland-Hamsburg and have abrogated all treaties and understandings and demanded the return of my ancestral lands from our northern neighbour.

As always, click the image and expand it to read.

This was followed up by a communication to the King of Hesse-Darmburg demanding the cession of his two most southerly cities in return for an alliance against his enemy Wurst. Failure to respond would mean an alliance with Wurst to crush Hesse-Darmburg.

So far, both communications have been met with the chirping of crickets and the rolling of tumbleweeds. Only Porteous has offered a truce after they took Hamsburg's capital, pointing out that we are about to be dumped on by unspecified enemies. It looks like Wurst and Hesse-Darmburg have kissed and made up, so we'll be in for lots of battles in the near future!

Stay tuned!


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