Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My little blog has been attracting some international attention lately, which is satisfying! Thanks all for visiting.

Dipping of French troops goes ahead and painting of Highlanders also slowly continues. The Rosbif PC at home has developed a worrying fault that stops any peripherals that require a USB connection from working, so there won't be any pictures this post (not that I've taken any more as the rest of the collection isn't up to scratch at the moment.)

Mrs. Rosbif is frantically finishing essays in time for the end of semester, so my available free time has diminished, but I will be going to the club this Friday, although only in the capacity of being kitchen monkey for the sales night, ie. I still won't be playing a game! I'll try and get a few photos of the skirmish game planned for the evening.

I'm waiting on some overseas purchases to arrive, which I ordered almost 2 weeks ago; some casualty figures and spare heads by Lancier Bleu from France, via MBM Models from the Netherlands and some 15mm Mediterranean buildings from Rusus in Germany. I thought I'd take advantage of the relatively low Euro. What I forget to think about is ordering from the U.S. as the AUD to the USD is about 85 cents at the moment.

My plan for the dead 'uns is to make markers to indicate retiring, retreating or broken units. Our club rules don't have any formal way of recording these, so it can get a bit messy trying to keep a track of which unit's doing what. I'm planning to make bases of one casualty for a retire, two for a retreat and 3 (including an officer, indicating loss of control) for a break.

The spare heads I'll use to vary any new battalions and include bonnets de police, pokalems, bandaged and bare. I have vague plans to paint up the rest of my unpainted French figures as Italians, so they might be the first candidates for the spares. Maybe one or two British figures will be sporting bare or wounded heads, too.

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